Curtain Systems

Curtain Systems, SG 3870, Yoga room, recessed curtain track
Curtain Systems, SG 5600, Colorama 1, Room shot "De Resident", The Hague, NL, Wave
Curtain Systems, SG 5600, Colorama 2, Wave
Curtain Systems, SG 6100, Colorama 1, St. Vinzenz-Hospital, Dinslaken, Germany
Curtain Systems, SG 6100, Customer Fabrics, Esterházy Vineyard, Trausdorf, Austria, Wave
Curtain Systems, SG 6465, Customer Fabrics, Lindenhouse, Berlin, Germany
Curtain Systems, SG 6380, Customer Fabrics, Post Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

Curtain systems have two important roles, they enhance design whilst managing the light and heat entering a room. Silent Gliss curtain tracks are designed to have outstanding gliding properties, with a choice of systems that can accommodate the lightest to the heaviest of curtains. The wide range of tracks ensures there is a profile design and colour that will fit with any interior design scheme.