Silent Gliss is Quiet Mark certified

Silent Gliss secures the Quiet Mark

Silent Gliss, the leading global supplier of premium window treatments has been awarded the Quiet Mark certification, recognising their achievements in creating high-performance products that minimise noise pollution in the home. 


Quiet Mark is the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society, aimed at reducing the health effects of environmental noise to improve wellbeing at home and work. Following extensive performance testing by Quiet Mark acoustic teams, they have officially granted Silent Gliss systems the Quiet Mark certification.


Silent Gliss join the leaders of the Quiet Mark movement
The damaging effect of excessive noise on mental and physical health, productivity and social cohesion is seriously underestimated. And since Covid lockdowns where people are now spending more time at home, the emphasis for customers to have quieter surroundings is more important than ever. Quiet Mark champions leading brands and organisations who strive to prioritise responsible acoustic design and reduce noise pollution globally.


Each element of the Silent Gliss systems were assessed for sound levels - including the patented 2C (two-component) glider, and the motors behind the electrically operated curtain tracks and blinds. They all passed the Quiet Mark tests with flying colours! 


Silent Gliss are delighted to join a well-respected group of companies including Dyson, Saint Gobain and Rockwool, in a mission to make the world a more peaceful place to live and work. Find out more on the Quiet Mark website