This will make waves... the new Snake Wave curtain track system

Curves in all the right places
Introducing Snake Wave: the new curtain track system by Silent Gliss that completely lives up to its name. Falling in waves, the curtain slithers along the curved tracks ? smooth, even and silent. Whether used as an interior window treatment, room divider or design statement, it creates a unique and exclusive look ? a room design guaranteed to make waves!

From the pioneer of silence
We?re only satisfied when your curtains open and close silently ? and look great whilst doing so. This relentless pursuit of perfection has made Silent Gliss the global market leader for bent curtain tracks. By combining our bending technology with captivating, precision-sewn fabrics, we bring you curtain systems with an outstanding interior feel.

Highest quality in every curve
Evenly bent tracks ensure that the curtain fabric falls in harmonious waves. Traditional Swiss sewing joins precision engineering to create a true highlight ? ideal as an interior window treatment, room divider or design statement.

Versatile variants
Available in three versions and with over 20 original Silent Gliss fabrics, the Snake Wave curtain track system offers individual solutions to suit any space.

Silent Gliss won with Snake Wave at the Iconic Awards 2016 in the category"Best of Best". We were elected first prize for our innovative system by the ?German Design Council?, an independent jury.

See the new system in motion!
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